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Our Path of Change

Transformative campaigns

Through images, stories, and results, our collective effort to break down barriers, promote equity, and build bridges of opportunity is reflected. Each campaign is a testimony of how, through unified action, we are shaping a future where every voice matters, and every individual can reach their full potential. Together, we are sowing the seeds of lasting change and creating a legacy of inclusion and diversity.

National Event

Equitable, Inclusive and Diverse Medellin 2022 Symposium

The Medellín Equitable, Inclusive, and Diverse Symposium. 'All good things start without barriers'; an event organized by the Center for Extension and Social Projection, the Center for Research, Innovation, and Business Development, the Center for Internationalization, and the Inclusion and Diversity Area of Institutional Well-being at IUSH, with the purpose of showcasing opportunities that allow recognizing and integrating people with disabilities in their dimensions of human and social development.

International mobility

Equitable Colombia Spain 2022

The University of Deusto and the Salazar y Herrera University Institution (IUSH) of Colombia join in an exciting collaboration to welcome 16 university students with intellectual disabilities.


This program is part of the "Equitable Colombia 2022" mission, which promotes inclusion and equality in higher education.

Colombia Moda

Interconnection Colombia Moda 2023 Runway

The Institución Universitaria Salazar y Herrera is committed to a collaborative approach and the development of effective relationships between the University, Business, the State and Society, with the objective of generating social transformation and establishing strategic links with the productive sector.