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Our mission

We have a purpose

We drive progress in the equity, competitiveness, and education challenges faced by the diverse population in Antioquia.

We work tirelessly to facilitate the implementation of policies, programs, and opportunities that promote inclusion and ensure the full participation of everyone.



Explore, connect, and contribute

The alliance for diversity, equity, and inclusion is the result of the ICETEX grant project for capacity building at IUSH with a focus on inclusion. Today, it is projected as the platform to connect organizations committed to the social sector, tertiary education, and the productive sector of the region, with the talent and capacities of diverse populations.

Our Team

Thank you for making it possible

Co created

Significant contributions

We build resource boxes with tools to support all aspects of life related to diversity management.


We strategically monitor international best practices from the vision of people with disabilities for research, training, capacity building, updating and implementation of actions in inclusive education and social inclusion.

We design and promote behavioral change campaigns through both large-scale and targeted awareness actions that, from a perspective of empathy, aim to reduce discrimination, address biases, and prevent gender-based violence

We bring visibility and interact through global learning communities with international peers, facilitating the strengthening of different lines of work aimed at technical cooperation with businesses, social organizations, and educational institutions for diversity management, contributing to the construction and consolidation of inclusive policies, practices, and cultures.

We develop lifelong learning opportunities with social actors through a portfolio of continuing education that includes expert facilitators in local, national, and international diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Global universal

We are the Alliance for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and together we are weaving a network of change that transcends borders. Let's build a future where everyone matters and shines!

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DF, Michoacán.


Medellín, Envigado,
La estrella, Sabaneta, Bogotá.

Bilbao, Manresa, Barcelona, Sevilla.



Santiago, Viña del mar.


Espíritu Santo.

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