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Here, every individual matters

We are

What is the DEI Alliance?

Our purpose

We are a collective of change, a space where differences are celebrated, and barriers fade away.


Here, every color shines with equal intensity, differences are a source of strength, and inclusion weaves the social fabric. Together, we are building a tomorrow where every voice has its place, where diversity is our greatest wealth.


In Colombia, there are 3,134,037 people with difficulties in performing basic daily activities (7.1% of the country's population)


Enchanting Stories

Every step we take is a step towards building a society where everyone matters


Behind each protagonist in this narrative of change, there are magical stories to tell.

Our allies



We join forces with over 17 organizations to break down limitations, promote equity, and open doors of opportunity for all

Engine of Transformation

Ready to drive real and lasting change?

Join us and become the engine that accelerates transformation. Your participation is essential to build a future where every voice matters, and every perspective enriches.

You're welcome for your message!

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